Landon Advisory’s unique training programs aim to deliver the commercial and strategic leadership skills that clients demand of lawyers. These include:

  • Transactional Lawyering: The Architecture of Transactions
  • The Architecture of Business
  • Leadership Roadmap Development Workshop
  • Leadership Communication Skills Workshop

Our Architecture of Transactions and Architecture of Business courses are unique in the learning & development market. They are specifically designed to provide foundational tools for lawyers to develop business-based, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills that deliver true value for clients.

Unlike most other leadership and communication skills programs available in the market, the Leadership Roadmap Development Workshop and Leadership Communication Skills Workshop deploy methodologies that are contextualised specifically for the complex and varied roles that lawyers play, and the unique demands and expectations placed on lawyers.

We work closely with our clients to tailor each of these workshops to meet the exact requirements of the team or individual.

“What sets Duc apart is his wide and varied background in law and business —  as a private practice lawyer, general counsel, business leader, professor, writer and now a corporate trainer.  He is able to draw on a wealth of experiences — and combine them with structured tools and methodologies — to engage and inspire my teams to continuously develop their skills to improve their performance.

Jackson Pek, Vice President and General Counsel, Asia Pacific, Amadeus IT Group (May 2018)



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