Landon Advisory Services leverages deep insight of the legal profession and training methodologies designed specifically for lawyers to help our corporate (in-house) and law firm clients achieve their business goals, create real value, and differentiate themselves in the complex legal services market.


Landon Advisory focuses on what is truly important in the legal profession—the lawyers and their clients. We employ proprietary methodologies and tools to help:

  • law firms create competitive advantage and drive growth by developing deep insight into their clients’ businesses, as well as the skills to make better decisions about how to design and operate their practice


  • corporate in-house departments develop the commercial and strategic acumen necessary to:
  1. deliver the risk management and business results of their business clients
  2. design and operate the in-house legal function



Duc V Trang



Landon Advisory works closely with our clients on talent development and management consulting—on a team or individual basis—to drive business results. Depending on the unique requirements of each client, we deliver our insight and expertise through different formats. These include facilitation and leadership of team workshops (such as corporate offsites or retreats), formal training programs, consultancy engagements, and coaching. 



Strategy Consulting